I was born in the Midwest, and raised primarily in New England. I grew up with an artist and filmmaker-father and a journalist/public relations guru-mother. They were social people and I was indoctrinated into that lifestyle from birth. My folks were also deeply committed to each other, family and community, in that order. It wasn’t perfect, or even idyllic, but it was a great place to grow.

My first career inklings leaned toward music, and I minored in Voice performance in college. Music is still my love, and I pursue it with passion.
My first job was in a flower shop, where I became a part of the little community of women who worked there. Quickly, I realized I liked retail, helping, and nurturing the little plants. Plants were my first babies. Several retail jobs later, in many different forms, I realized what I loved was helping people to feel good about themselves, showing them their worth, cultivating their inner fire. And so, a helper was born!

At Rhode Island College, I majored in Creative Writing, with an emphasis in poetry and technical writing. Following graduation, I started my family and have three beautiful, inspiring children.

While raising my children, I have done a variety of things to keep my brain and spirit happy, including becoming a childbirth educator/doula, a yoga teacher (Finding Inner Peace) and eventually, a yoga teacher-trainer. I completed my Reiki Master/Teacher training the same year, having been an energy worker since the late 1980s. During this period, I received my ordination as an ecumenical/non-denominational minister, allowing me to preside over weddings, hand-fastings, new baby blessings and other rituals and ceremonies. Please feel free to contact me directly regarding these services.

In 2007, I began studying for an MA in Holistic Counseling at Salve Regina University and completed the coursework in 2010. In Spring 2011, I completed two advanced certificates at Salve, one that allowed me to become a licensed mental health counselor, and a certificate in Holistic Leadership.

Also in early Spring 2010, I completed a year of intensive study with Michael Ford at Apollo Herbs. This course formalized my fifteen years of self-study in herbalism, and has given me a strong background and vocabulary for understanding and safely using herbs as natural supplements to good health. I am happy to share this knowledge with my clients.

Studying at Salve brings together all of my previous experience, skills and training in one title, Holistic Counselor. Holistic Counselors see people as individuals within systems, and systems within systems. This means that you are a universe within a universe, interconnected and interdependent on all levels, from the quantum particle to the human cell, from the person to the community, from the community to the world, and beyond.

My professional focus remains “helping.” Browsing my website, you will see a variety of offerings and what I hope is useful information. My goal is to either be of service to you directly, or by referring you to the specific service, teacher, leader or helper you require. If you'd like to see my resume or CV, please message me and I will forward a copy to you.


*from the Sanskrit, loosely translated: All that is Divine within me bows before all that is Divine within you, and blesses our way.